Reel Oarsome Fishing Tournament 2016!

The Reel Oarsome Fishing Tournament was held on Friday 4th March in Auckland.

It was a fantastic day, we had over 170 anglers out on the water and the sun was shining.

 Here are the results of the tournament:


1st Prize – Shane Crum – Mystique                           2.730 kg

2nd Prize – Donald Gordon – Extasea                       2.564 kg

3rd Prize – Chris Leonard – Crescendo                     2.556 kg


1st Prize – Paddy Jameson – Doo Shark                   8.874 kg

2nd Prize – Andrew Jameson – Doo Shark              8.486 kg

3rd Prize – Adam Gray – Juana                                      8.006 kg


1st Prize - Tim Fawdray – Finatik                                   4.656 kg

2nd Prize – Rob de Lacey - Fish n’ Dips                      3.943 kg

3rd Prize – George – Shack Wae                                    3.900 kg

 Other finfish

1st Prize – Skip Jack Tuna – Mark Burke                   5.902 kg

 Mystery Weight – 1.95kg

Russell Barlow - Finatik

Thanks to our  sponsors of this event - ECANZ, Etco, Marley, Simx, Schneider, First Flex, General Cable, Philips Lighting, Halycon, HPM Le Grand, CDB and Composite Developments.

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