Siemens Support app.jpg  Industry Online Support App

With the Industry Online Support App you have access to more than 300,000 documents about all the Siemens Industry products - anytime & anywhere, whether you have problems during the implementation of a project, need help for troubleshooting, want to expand your system or plan a new plant.

You have access to: FAQs, downloads of the latest firmware or software version, manuals, certificates, characteristics, application examples and tools, product notes (e.g. announcement of new products), successors in case of product discontinuation.

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Sinamics-apps.jpg  Sinamics Part Selector App

The App includes the following updates:
- Integration of line voltage (1AC/ 3AC) at the beginning
- Integration of the new SINAMICS V20 inverter family
- Integration of the new Control Unit CU250S-2
- Update of the technical data & overview
- E-Mail sending via Touch Down
- Higher usability thanks to new save & send option

SINAMICS Selector leads you quickly and easily to the correct part numbers (MLFBs) for the following SINAMICS low-voltage frequency inverters in the 0.12 kW to 250 kW power range: SINAMICS V20  /  SINAMICS G120C  /  SINAMICS G120P  /  SINAMICS G120.

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Frequency-Converter-button.jpg  Siemens Frequency Converter App

The SINAMICS Support app converts the frequency (Hz) of a variable speed drive to the speed (rpm) to be set on the motor. The result is displayed with an accuracy of two decimal places. The conversion also works the other way: revolutions per minute become Hertz.

The function error code helps you to identify & remedy errors. Enter the error code shown on the variable speed drive & the app explains what it means & what to do to correct the error.

The app provides a support page giving you the name of the contact person responsible for your region. What’s more, free information about the conversion in general & videos are at your disposal, e.g. information covering installation & commissioning of the G120P variable speed drive made by Siemens.

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Logo-App_button.jpg  LOGO! App

LOGO! App is a tool used to control & monitor the LOGO! device.

You can connect to LOGO! device via WLAN of your phone. After successfully configured the address of LOGO! device, you can change clock & get firmware infomation. Meanwhile, you can monitor the I/O status, VM values and diagnostic information.

You can also add the monitored VM values into a trend view to get a graphical overview.

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