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Future-Proof Building - A better way to build

J. A. Russell Ltd, Stewarts Electrical Supplies and Radcliffe Electrical, along with a number of our key supply partners, are proud to be part of the Future Proof Building programme.

Future-Proof Building - What is it?

We all want a comfortable home to live in so when thinking about building or renovating we need to think about Future-Proof Building (FPB). FPB is all about creating a better, safer, more comfortable home, that's worth more in the future.

It makes sense to future-proof the biggest investment most of us will ever make - our home! We know building or renovating can be a daunting task, so it makes sense to get it right the first time.

By incorporating Future-Proof Building solutions you will be using quality products, services and practices to create a higher quality home that will be worth more now and in the future.

The 8 Principles of FPB

The Future-Proof Building principles are a guide to understanding how to produce a better home:

Energy Smart

Long-term reduction in energy costs, more efficient use of home heat


Minimising our impact on the planet

Health & Safety

Health control with future-proof materials and systems

Smart & Secure

Future-proofing the home with automation


Life-cycle evaluation of product or service costs

Sound Control

Managing noise pollution


Special attention to quality in key home components

Space Management

Making the best use of the space available

These 8 principles should be considered when building or renovating as they all add value to the home and lifestyle.

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